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My Status: VIP 0

VIP status entitles to an immediate cashback of up to 0.4% on all wagers. The VIP status is calculated and granted/withdrawn on a weekly basis:

VIP level Weekly wager volume Cashback
1 200 EOS 0.1%
2 400 EOS 0.2%
3 800 EOS 0.3%
4 2000 EOS 0.4%

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Mining Info

Level: # / 30

Mined: #,###,### Mania

Progress: ##.##%

Mining bonus per cycle: ###.#

Round 1: ##.#

Round 2: ##.#

Round 3: ##.#

Round 4: ##.#

*1 Cycle = 4 rounds
1 Round = 10 coins bet accumulated
Next Level mining per cycle: ###.#

Mega Bonus Prize:

0000 mania

Bet Amount Winning Chance
0.1-10 2.50%
20 5.00%
50 12.50%
100 25.00%
200 50.00%
400 100%

Mega Bonus Draw History

Draw ID Level Prize Bet Amount Winning Chance Result
# 0 00000 0 0.00% -